The TAKE with Rick Klein President Donald Trump’s anticipated birthday present comes with a reminder: not all gifts are welcome ones. The long-awaited Justice Department inspector general’s report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton emails investigation is due to come out Thursday, which happens to be the president’s 72nd birthday. It figures to provide endless fodder for Trump and his backers to talk about James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and less-familiar names like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. But news that Michael Cohen may cooperate with investigators in the Southern District of New York – as first reported Wednesday by ABC News – demonstrates anew that Trump only has partial control of the complicated storylines swirling around him. Trump may be inspiring a “cultish thing” inside his own party, to quote Sen. Bob Corker. Efforts to undermine Robert Mueller’s inquiry are well-established by now, and are likely to get a boost on Thursday. But there enough...



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